Summer at Home – Get Ready

The summer is almost with us once again. Its time to get the garden in shape, clean the barbecue and put a bottle of sparkling wine on ice. We may be trying to spend as much of the summer enjoying … Continue reading

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Discover the Unstoppable Advantages of Cork for the Home

Look beyond wine stoppers to see cork’s eco-friendliness, durability, fire resistance and antimicrobial nature for all kinds of home products. Read more…

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Bamboo Products – Earth Friend or Foe?

The eco-friendliness of this grass for wall coverings, flooring and furniture isn’t cut and dried. Get the facts here. Read more…

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Home Interior Trends for 2013

So, 2013 is well underway and, if like me, you have run out of steam on your pledge to de-clutter and re-organise then join me in a look at some of the key trend’s for 2013 and how they can … Continue reading

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Art Nouveau Style Creates Verve With Curves

Its breathtaking fluidity is still sweeping us away a century later. See how Art Nouveau style is swirling through homes today Read more…

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Tips on choosing a wood floor – Guest Blog by Wood and Beyond in London

There are many ways to make your home feel special and luxurious. Often you can furnish your home with tasteful accessories, but sometimes you may want to take it a step further and renovate. Flooring, and wood flooring in particular, … Continue reading

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How Arts and Crafts Style Beautifies Today’s Interiors

Based on beauty and purity, this movement from more than a century ago is still influencing design elements in home interiors read more…

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Regency Style Shows Interiors a Grand Time

Lavish and hinting at the fantastical, regency designs are still influencing interior decorating 200 years after their birth Read more…

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Georgian-Inspired Elegance Lives on in Today’s Homes

Classical design from a bygone era gives today’s homes beautiful proportions, subtle color palettes and decorative architectural features click here for more

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How to dress your Therapy Lamp – Guest Blog for Design Essentials

The Design Essentials Therapy Lamps are proving a best-selling home accessory but I guess that’s no surprise.  When lit they emit a gorgeous glow, made all the better for knowing they’re enhancing your mood and creating the ambience you wanted.  … Continue reading

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